Techno Life

So here I am, trying to fulfill this promise of posting on here more.  And to be honest, there’s lots of crazy things floating around in my head that I could post about.

But one that I’ve recently been thinking a lot about is how invasive technology is in my life.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I am obsessed with all things tech.  I wish I could super glue my iphone to my hand so we would never be parted.  I gram and tweet, and receive snapchats (but don’t really send them…).  But recently, I had a moment with Facebook.  So I became friends with a guy I work with on FB (making us officially friends in real life, right?).  I mean I work with him, see him almost every day, and think he’s cool.  But, when we became FB friends, all of a sudden, ALL of his information is in my phone contacts.  Like his name, picture, email address, phone number, birthday (?), etc… is now in my contacts.  Ummm, why?  Did I ask for that to happen?  Do I want/need all of this information? Am I OK with this happening?  Not so sure.  Also, FB changes their privacy policies so regularly that it’s honestly hard for me to keep up.  It’s just weird that I now have all of his information and he has all of mine without us actually really having given it to each other…right?  Or is it just me?

Also, I am a Gmail freak.  Like I love it.  It’s amazing and life-changing and all that stuff.  But have any of their recent updates actually been helpful?  Like do I need these dumb tabs that they insisted I get?  I just went in and deleted them so my inbox looks like it did before this super helpful “update”.  So, admittedly, I am a little OCD about my inbox.  I like having ZERO unread messages.  This goes for my personal and work emails.  I hate having the little red flag on my phone telling me I have an unread email.  Drives me crazy.  So, when my Gmail inbox was “updated”, this was a problem for me.  Because when I received an email into the “Social” tab or whatever it was, the Gmail tab that I always have open didn’t register the unread email.  Drove me crazy.  Honestly so crazy that I had to get rid of the tabs.  Anyone else feel me on this one?  So that’s my rant for today.  Going to go back to liking pics on instagram now.

Be back soon,



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