def. fauxdulting (v.) – the act of feigning responsibility while still maintaining adult age and subsequent grace .


So, a few weeks ago, we had a little chat about my desire to become a more responsible human being, and I have some updates.

After reading Apartment Therapy’s post on the beneifits on bed making, I decided to suck it up and try it.

I started making my bed. Every day. Seriously.

However, there’s still the folding situation. My adult habit of doing laundry every day means it’s all clean, but my fauxdult habit of not ironing anything until right before I put it on,  means everything is in piles. (This really kind of counteracts the making-the-bed-every day habit, because my bed may be neatly made, hospital-corners and all, but it is covered in clumps of clothing). Despite my room devovling into a laundry battle ground, a well-made bed has provided a very decent first (very small, extremely light) step towards whole-home organization. I can honestly say it makes a big difference. I come home to a little square of zen, and even if the chaos continues to rule supreme elsewhere, it’s beginning to feel more manageable.

I do have two options for dealing with this clothing situation: I can give some of it away, or I can accept donations of hangars from my best friend and try to cram them all into my minuscule closet. As you might guess, I went for the second option.


I originally drafted this post a year ago and it turns out, my battle with fauxdulting was actually plagued by a lack of follow through, because not only did I never finish this post, I also stopped making my bed every day a few months later despite all the positive ramifications it had on my life (turns out life gets messy and other things get in the way).

However, in the immortal words of Aaliyah:

I’ll make it today.

Maybe I’ll even make it tomorrow, too.

– Caro

Post Script: I did, however, undergo at least three rounds of closet flushing and have since finally parted ways with a significant portion of my wardrobe. I also purchased a massive amount of container store boxes to organize all of my shoes. So, half-win? Three-quarters win? The organized closet thing was huge, guys. Huge.

Post Post Script: A friend of a friend just launched this project on kickstarter which intends to drastically diminish the effort required to make your bed every morning (bringing the task closer to lifehacking than adulting). I’m not entirely sold on the absence of hospital corners, but it is a neat idea worth checking out: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/marshallhaas/smart-bedding-never-make-your-bed-again


One thought on “Fauxdulting

  1. WAIT WAIT WAIT. You had an Allix Hellman Cleaning Out The Closet Party and you didn’t wait for me. COME AT ME BRO WITH CLOTHES.

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