A return to writing

My father always told me that a [wo]man should do the following three things before they die: (1) raise a child, (2) plant a tree and (3) write a book.

I am nowhere near ready to rear a child, and have limited-if any-success raising herbs (this bodes poorly for the future of any green-life under my care) and unlike my father do not believe my Master’s Thesis should be my seminal and authoritative life-defining text – I am more than my degree, you know? Frankly, I do not want my written legacy to be based solely on printed-circuit board development and the accommodative response of the eye – if anything just because it’s really not that cool, and I am much more dimensional than my research alone. (Although I should mention my research is important, interesting and siginificant in its’ own right)

To this end, I’ve decided (over and over again for the past few months) to give this blog some new life, and hopefully stick with it this time. Even if my (our?) legacy is drowned among the endless noise of the internet, at least it’s out there, I guess. If anything, I can create a permanent record of my quarter-life crisis so that if I ever find myself again in a moment of crisis, self-discovery and self-imposed panic, I can find a version of myself that got through it (assuming, of course, I make it out alive).

 – Caro

P.S. I’m not going to all-out blame my quarter-life crisis on Cams for moving to New York, but I will say it didn’t help.

P.P.S. Just kidding

P.P.P.S. Sort of.

P.P.P.P.S. She said she’d start writing again too! go team!


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