I got called a “blogger” last night. That was mortifying.

I have a couple entries on tap, but they’re mostly up in my head, but it’s about damn time I committed to this keyboard and made some literary progress.

With the tropical storm season in full swing, and our favorite watering hole, decidedly, not; our Miami-based social calendar is getting a little sparse. Whether its a product of the throngs of over-privelaged rich kids flocking elsewhere for the summer*, or just the lack of desire to brave humidity and high-water, summer is giving me some time to catch up on some of my favorite hobbies (TV Marathons, online shopping, obsessing over my failed herb garden) as well as giving me time to try and work on my newest life goal: Adulting.

I have personally never been in any rush to grow up. If I could, I would have stayed fourteen forever, braces and all. Now, on the almost eve on my 25th birthday, with my friends getting married and starting families and long-term careers, I figure, now is as good as a time as any to get my shit together and start acting like the adult my driver’s license says I am. It comes as a shock to me that I am older than what Blink 182 considers a mature age (namely, 23). I would ask when that happened, but an entire punch bowl of blue curacao and a two-day hangover will make retrieving that memory impossible.

Namely, I always thought that growing up would mean paying for music. Which I do through a monthly Spotify subscription, so that’s one life-win. (I don’t pay for Netflix though, so, I guess I’m still a work in a progress).

I’m getting a little closer to figuring out this adulting thing, though: I found this blog recently, .

From what I can tell, Adulting means:

  • Making your bed every morning.
  • Not eating all of that junkfood
  • Getting to work on time.
  • Buying a bunch of bins from the Container Store.
  • Fixing the handles on the spartan Malm IKEA drawers upstairs.
  • Getting your jeans hemmed and your blazers tailored.

It’s a good blog and I recommend you follow it for time-saving tips or just a general feeling of guilt for not being disciplined enough to make your bed on a regular basis (I have asked around, and I am not the only one). But in general, it seems that progressing into sucessful adulthood is just choosing to develop a series of good habits.**

In tune with Cam’s “Gymspiration” post – this is one of my new good habits: gymming it up and eating more veggies. Next up, is keeping my apartment in a tidy state, regularly (I’m starting this one slow though, right now I’m working on keeping my kitchen counter forever-clean and every time I leave a room I ask myself if there’s anything in that room that needs to go elsewhere  – if so, grab it – it’s a little change, but it adds up). Advanced adulting will be keeping my bathroom cleanPinterest acts as a decent motivator sometimes via the “I want my apartment to look like that” thought-process.

Because we all have a discrete amount of self-discipline, my big tip is to work on one habit at a time. Here’s a good strategy for new-habit development: 30 Days to Success : treat your new habits like you would a 30-day software trial; try this new habit on for size for 30 days, and then you can slack off at the end of the month. It’s way less intimidating than committing to a full-fledged life change, and by the end of 30 days, you’ve pretty much made it a habit anyway: winning (or, in our case, ginning)!

Growing up doesn’t have to be a huge pain. Plus, that’s what gin is for anyway. Cheers!

* I would feel like I was actively deceiving you if I didn’t include that I just returned from a sprawling four-continent adventure where I ate barnacles in Portugal, cow stomach in China and the best warm goat cheese salad on earth in Paris, among other things. (Also, I would have missed a great opportunity to brag about it some more).

**  More homemaking tips also available at Apartment Therapy



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