Just some base level vocabulary you might need to understand our blog.

#ginoclock | Hashtag signaling happy hour. Inspired by one of our favorite parody twitter feeds: @Queen_UK

Cucu’s Nest | Camila’s favorite bar that we’ve never been to. It has some pretty good reviews on Yelp, though.

Douchoisie | The fratmosphere. See also: fratmosphere.

Fauxiemian | Another word for “hipster”.

Ginspired | Really, do we have to explain this one?

Super | A synonym for “very”. Heavily used for “Miami-accent” purposes.

Teal Pants | Teal pants are the Vegas of pants. It is understood that when in teal pants, anything can happen. In fact, all good fortune occurring while in teal pants, or in the presence of teal pants is attributed to the teal pants. Teal pants are brimming with the luck of the Irish and the fortune of the sea.

The Thing is That | Caro’s probably had some alcohol.

– Caro


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